What's it really like to shop with a celebrity stylist?  Recently, I had the chance to find out.  Over the course of two days in November, I had the incredible opportunity to work with renowned Fashion Stylist, Phillip Bloch.  In two parts, I'll share all the fashionable details.

As a lover of fashion who never misses a shopping opportunity, I was excited to see what it was like to enlist the help of a professional.  Phillip's directive was classic, chic, and slightly edgy; think ChanelArmani, and Burberry.  I couldn't wait to see what he'd put together.


If day one with Phillip was all about Zara, day two was devoted to a slightly more luxe experience at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Phillip had reserved a private dressing room for us for the afternoon.  This time, a Saks Personal Shopper replaced his assistant; I trailed Phillip as we moved from contemporary department to department as he selected items from each designer and handed them to her.

Once we'd selected pieces from brands like Maje, Rebecca Taylor, Alice + Olivia, 10 Crosby Derek Lam, Theory, and Rag & Bone, we headed to our private room .  Unlike the fast-and-furious vibe of the Zara fitting room, at Saks, we were escorted to a large, well-lit room with a three-way mirror and no limit to the amount of items that we were permitted to try at a time.   We were even offered refreshments, which were delivered to the room on a tray.

Phillip arranged the clothing by type: dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jackets, etc.  I stripped down to my underwear and we began moving through the categories.  No room for modesty here!  I'd pull a dress over my head and he would tug, zip, adjust and give his input.  Items that were determined to be chic and fit well were moved to a 'yes' pile, while items that did not meet his criteria were moved to the side.  

The major difference between shopping Zara and Saks was the price tags; my budget (obviously) went much farther at Zara.  At Saks, we had to be more selective of the pieces that would ultimately be added to my wardrobe.  Phillip suggested that I fill in some of the gaps (basics, mainly) at stores like Zara and Express, and advised me to add some over-the-knee boots to my wardrobe.  Another difference was that Saks delivered my haul by courier the following day, which felt like Christmas morning.

The biggest take-away from my stylist experience was that a well-curated wardrobe can incorporate pieces of different price points, as long as the quality is high and the styles are classic.  I'd previously thought that I had to have an entire closet full of expensive, designer pieces to look chic, but I was impressed by how pieces from Zara could mix with higher priced, designer pieces for a brilliant look.

After shopping with Phillip, gone were the bright body-con pieces that I had relied up on all Summer and into the Fall; my new wardrobe was chic, stylish, and built upon a foundation of black and white.

Curious to see what Phillip selected for me?  I've created a  Pinterest Board with all of the pieces.