Rachel Ford, in pieces selected by celebrity fashion stylist, Phillip Bloch.

Rachel Ford, in pieces selected by celebrity fashion stylist, Phillip Bloch.

What's it really like to shop with a celebrity stylist?  Recently, I had the chance to find out.  Over the course of two days in November, I had the incredible opportunity to work with renowned Fashion Stylist, Phillip Bloch.  In two parts, I'll share all the fashionable details.

As a lover of fashion who never misses a shopping opportunity, I was excited to see what it was like to enlist the help of a professional.  Phillip's directive was classic, chic, and slightly edgy; think Chanel, Armani, and Burberry.  I couldn't wait to see what he'd put together.

On day one, our first stop was Zara, where I had [shockingly] never shopped before.  I'd always been told that I'd find great pieces at Zara, but I was hesitant about the quality and atmosphere.  I now stand corrected...

We arrived just as the store was opening, which allowed us the opportunity to browse the racks with ease.  Phillip encouraged me to point out items that I was drawn to, but I was most interested in seeing what he would select.  He moved about the store, followed by his assistant and me, collecting piece after piece in my size.  

Eventually, we moved to the fitting room.  This is where I was especially thankful for the assistance; Zara only allows 10 items at a time, and having two additional pairs of hands to change out and sort the pieces streamlined the process considerably.  I tried on item after item and if it fit and got approval, it was ushered off to a pile for purchase.  

If a skirt or turtleneck fit, it was fetched in an assortment of colors.  As I modeled an outfit, a cape or vest would be placed atop my shoulders and items had been declared keepers before I had a chance to know what was happening.  What a whirlwind!  

We carried the items to the register (34 in all!) and I was shocked at the low total for so many gorgeous items.  All in all, the result was 2 dresses, 11 skirts, 3 pairs of pants, 5 turtleneck sweaters, 6 blouses, and 7 jackets.

We also stopped by Macy's to pick up a blouse and pair of tuxedo leggings by Polo Ralph Lauren that Philip had selected prior to our appointment.

I was handed four large, heavy shopping bags to carry home (taxi, please!) and the process of unloading them felt like Christmas morning.

Curious to see what Phillip selected for me?  I've created a  Pinterest Board with all of the pieces.

Stay tuned for part two.