Getting to know my Really Blue Pixel.

Getting to know my Really Blue Pixel.

Recently, I received a Really Blue Pixel phone as a gift from Google. 

Prior to receiving my Pixel, I had been using an iPhone for the past year. While I have never really had strong feelings about my phone and its functionality, I do recall the frustration of setting up my email program on the iPhone. I have multiple Gmail accounts, all with custom domain names. Typing the correct sequence of numbers and changing the settings to sync had been a monumental task, culminating in relinquishing the phone to Kyle to deal with in a fit of frustration.

Since the Pixel and Gmail are both by Google, adding my email accounts on the Pixel was just about the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Instead of what felt like taking an amateur stab at writing HTML code, all I did was enter my email address and password. The rest of the setup was simple; my android-friendly apps all carried over, and it just took a little time to get them organized. The camera is awesome, and so are all of the rest of the features.

One of the most fun features is the Live Case, some of which are artist collaborations. The cases can also be customized by adding your own photo on the site.  Below are my creation, and a space-themed edition.

For my custom case, I was able to upload a pic and edit it with color effects. When the case arrived, I snapped it on, opened the Live Case app, and pushed the button on the back. Voila! My case design became my own custom wallpaper, too. I also received a Live Case designed by Google, and the wallpaper changes to several different images throughout the day.

I'm really happy with my Pixel and I look forward to sharing more Google posts with you in the upcoming months.