Designer duds out of the back of a truck. Image: Kyle Ford.

Designer duds out of the back of a truck. Image: Kyle Ford.

Yesterday, Kyle and I departed our building to head to dinner when we noticed tons of commotion outside. Barricades had been erected, and a mass of security guided hoards of people in line behind a white moving truck. Since I'm so accustomed to walking by the white trucks unique to film sets on the streets of NYC, my first thought was the filming of a movie or TV show. But then, we saw ALEXANDER WANG and the Adidas logo on the side of the truck. #WANGSHOW

We continued to dinner, but curiosity got the best of me, and I began to furiously search for the exact details of the frenzy. From my understanding at that moment, here's what was happening:

AW announced his collaboration with Adidas Originals at his show on Saturday night. The after-party looked incredible, with catering by McDonalds7-Eleven and an arcade claw machine full of NARS cosmetics. My personal favorite touch: #WANGFEST.

Early Sunday, a cryptic video announced a pop-up truck selling nine pieces from the collab, which would make three stops in NYC. Each customer in line would be allowed four different items (no dupes) and items would be bagged in a black trash bag with a white AW Adidas ribbon. If you catch an aerial view of the truck, there's supposedly a phone number on the roof which, when called, will give the location of the next stop. After Manhattan pop-ups at noon and 3 pm, the last and final stop at 6 pm was smack in front of our house. 

Reading all of this from my iPhone over a burger at Allswell, I had an overwhelming case of FOMO; this article on Racked was the one that really clenched it. So what do we do next? Eat dinner, pay the tab, and hop in the line at just after 7 pm. So there we were, in line, not confident that we'd get our hands on anything, but that was part of the allure.

It is also notable that a highly entrepreneurial gentleman set up a table along the snaking line route, selling tropical cocktails out of pineapples for $20. It was pretty funny to see the mix of patrons in line, many holding hollowed-out pineapples with umbrellas and pineapple curly-cues hanging off the rim. It was one of those New York experiences that you just can't make up. Anyway...

#WANGSHOW. Image: nymag.com.

#WANGSHOW. Image: nymag.com.

For the collaboration, AW flipped the Adidas logo upside down and turned the fabrics inside out on all the designs. T-shirts and sweatshirts feature a full-sized NDA (non-disclosure agreement) on the back with a red X through it, presumably because we've got it before it launches, but it's cool to talk about it.  

While in line, we were handed a menu listing the items and prices ($80 for a tee, $180 for the kicks). We had plenty of time to ponder the menu as the clock ticked and the line crawled.

At 10 pm (yes, we are apparently insane), we'd made our way to the cashiers at the base of the truck opening. Anxiety began to build as the few people in front of us asked for items and we heard things like, "We only have an XL." In a scenario that felt identical to waiting to clear security at the airport, everyone around us began talking about everything: how there'd be nothing left, how much other people were buying, how the time had been wasted. I tried to block the chatter from my mind, but the anxiety was intense. We went from not caring at all about this thing we didn't even know about to totally needing it!

Miraculously, we each walked away with exactly what we wanted (minus the shoes, which had been the first to go). We plan to wear our duds, but a quick check of eBay shows that many of the items (106 at present) were purchased with the intent to be re-sold at a hefty markup.

Next stops for the truck: London and Tokyo. If you missed the truck, you can get your hands on the entire collection when it launches in Spring 2017.

Would you stand in line for hours for the chance to score a limited piece from a designer collab?