I've tried on many bebe dresses in my day, and I've never found myself thinking, "I need size XS," but as you may have read, I took on the experiment of following the instruction of the site's Fit Predictor and ordered size XS in two styles of body-con dresses, just to see how accurate it was.

If you're like me, you wouldn't purchase an item online that you weren't familiar with without first reading the customer reviews. If the reviews unanimously direct me to size up or down, I'll listen, but when I have used a site's sizing guide in the past, I've found most super unhelpful. Yes, I know what size my measurements add up to, but how does this particular item fit? When I clicked the sizing guide for bebe, I loved the format, but my hopes were less than high...

To bring you up to speed on my last post, unlike other sites that list bust, waist, and hip measurements and advise you what size to order, bebe's Fit Predictor asks you to select a competitive brand from a list, choose the size you'd wear in that specific brand and, based on your response, the Fit Predictor suggests your size.

WhenI followed the instructions last week, I was advised to order a size smaller than I would have ever picked up off the rack but, since I'm curious and want to give the most accurate information to you, I ordered the two dresses (both final sale!) to see just how accurate the Fit Predictor is.

Ever since my first post, I had been losing sleep over trying on the XS dresses that were en route to my home. I mean, The thought of trying to pull on and zip up an itty-bitty dress that was final sale was giving me major anxiety. As I waited for the shipment of dresses in the size that the Fit Predictor recommended, I was confident that I was out $165 and a whole lot of pride. But hey, at least we'd be in this together, right?

So what happened? I'm both pleased and shocked to report that the dresses fit! I was incredibly skeptical going in to this, because logic seemed to tell me that I knew the answer, regardless of what a website told me, but I wanted to be able to share the results with you. I hate it when I wish I could get advice about something and I don't know whom to ask, so here I am to be your guinea pig.

Below are both dresses from bebe that I selected. On the left is the Faux Suede Slit Dress and on the right is the Back Crisscross Midi Dress.

And here's what the advised sizes look like on. First, here's the Faux Suede Slit Dress. Thankfully, it's super stretchy, which made it more forgiving than a stiffer fabric would have been. As you can see, the XS gives me the proper shape and proportion.

Next, here's the Back Crisscross Midi Dress. Like the dress above, this one is also super stretchy and forgiving, but it zips with no problem.

In conclusion, I'm impressed with both the bebe Fit Predictor formula, and the two new additions to my wardrobe. I only wish other sites would employ a similar technology!