Rachel Ford does Summer in the city: nude dress, nude lips, practically nude... Hey, it's 90 degrees and 95% humidity!

Rachel Ford does Summer in the city: nude dress, nude lips, practically nude... Hey, it's 90 degrees and 95% humidity!

I am absolutely obsessed with nude right now. Nude lips, nude clothes; I'm all about naked. I've removed all color from my closet, sticking to a palette of black, grey, nude, and an occasional olive or navy piece. I don't know what it is about neutrals, but they're just so chic

Nude can be tough to pull off, however. How do you rock the naked look without looking naked or (worse), looking like a corpse? The key to successfully wearing nude is to keep a few things in mind. Here are my tips:

1) Choose a tone that works for you. I am a red-toned pale person, so I prefer pinker nudes as opposed to yellow or brown hues.

While women with golden or deeper skin tones can rock the taupe brown shades and cool, pale violets, I start to look half dead. As a general rule, pick colors that make you look alive and well, as opposed to a zombie/extra in Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

Nude looks edgy with black accessories and an on-trend coif.

Nude looks edgy with black accessories and an on-trend coif.

Figuring out what tone works for you comes down to deciding if your skin is warm or cool toned. Here's a link to a quiz that will help you find the answer.

2) Underwear matters. How many times have you seen a woman in nude pants from a distance, and had to do a double take to make sure she was actually wearing pants? Not only can nudes be deceiving, but wearing nude attracts attention, and attention can lead to scrutiny.

Nude (particularly when worn close to the body) can accentuate lumps and bumps, which is why I do not wear nude yoga pants. I will, however rock a nude body-con dress, but the right underwear is crucial for ensuring that people are noticing how great you look without feeling like they're getting a nudie show.

My nude underwear essentials are Hollywood Concealers (this is not the time to #freethenipple) or an adhesive backless bra, and Commando high-waisted panties. With everything right and tight, nude looks tasteful, not tacky.

A great foundation is essential on your lips when wearing nude tones. To prep my pout, I religiously apply Bite Lip Mask when I'm fresh out of the shower. By the time I'm ready to apply lip color, I gently buff what hasn't absorbed with a cloth and apply a lip primer before lipstick. Two of my favorite primers are NYX Lip Primer and MAC Prep + Prime.

3) Choose your accents accordingly. When your clothes and/or lips are subdued, you have leeway to play around with bold accents. I tend to wear black accessories with nude, because I like the contrast and added edginess. But you certainly don't have to stick to black.

Add a hat, because... why not?!

Add a hat, because... why not?!

Nudes appear to be well-behaved when paired with ladylike pieces, but can become bold and edgy when paired with sharp accents. Two of the current Queens of nude, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, are notorious for choosing ensembles with various levels of stretch (who knew they made latex dresses?). Kim frequently layers nude outerwear over her nudes for a multi-textured monochromatic effect.

In terms of the face, unlike a deep or bold lip, nude is a chameleon when to comes to adapting to various makeup looks. While nearly every beauty editor will caution you from rocking a bold eye with a bold lip, nude is capable of transcending this beauty rule. A nude lip with a no-makeup look (which we all know actually requires quite a bit of makeup) looks fresh-faced, while a nude lip with a smoky eye looks sexy and mysterious.

Nude is certainly in fashion, and YOU can totally pull it off!

Remember: pick a flattering tone, lay a solid (and smooth) foundation, and play up the other elements of your look. Oh, and one more thing... Be confident in all that skin you're showing!