Rachel Ford, photographed by Shannon Sturgis Photography, 2015

Rachel Ford, photographed by Shannon Sturgis Photography, 2015

Welcome to the site!  My name is Rachel Ford and I am the voice behind Fashionable Decisions.

I have a unique talent; I can tell you what I was wearing on the day of almost any event in my life. 

What I wore while presenting that big gin seminar in 2015?  Yep.  When I followed my dreams and moved to Manhattan with just two suitcases in 2011?  Sure can.  When, in 2009, I married the man I’ve loved since we were sixteen year-old kids attending high school in California?  Absolutely.

True, I may be slightly fashion-obsessed, but my connection to what I wear is personal.  On any given day, style sets the tone for how I feel and what I do.  When I look back on the events of my life to date, memories tell the story, but fashion paints the picture.  

Style has the power to give us the confidence that we need to go out, take risks, and kick ass every day.  Be bold!  When it comes to living life with style, there are no questionable decisions; only fashionable ones.

I'm looking forward to sharing style with you!



Rachel Ford is a ginthusiast, fashion plate, purposeful wanderer, content creator and sweat seeker living in NYC with her husband, Kyle.